Benefits of being a Writer

Do you love writing? If you answered yes to the question above, then you should consider becoming a freelance writer. The benefits of having a career as a writer are endless.



No more 9-5 job! There isn’t any office to go to every day while clocking out from work. With a freelance career, you can work from home, cafes, local libraries and even your neighbour’s spare room.

Income Potential

As long as you keep putting in the effort, you will make money doing this type of work. Many people who start their journey as writers end up making more than they ever thought possible.


Freelancing allows you to pursue your passions without worrying about whether you have a job waiting for you after you finish your current project. Many people find that once they become successful as freelance writers, they never look back.

Career Advancement

Writing skills can translate into many different careers. For example, being a published author could lead to a book-selling deal or even getting hired by a publishing house.

Peace Of Mind

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why people choose freelance writing over traditional employment options is because they hate having to report to clients! They don’t have to follow strict rules or deadlines, and most importantly, no one else has to know that they haven’t been up all night finishing that latest blog post. It feels amazing to be able to take care of yourself 24/7.

Freedom To Travel More Often

One of my favourite things about being a new mom is that I have the luxury of travelling whenever I want. Now that I’m not tied down to a 9-5 job, I can travel whenever I want to. My husband can still join me too!

Job Satisfaction

Lastly, many people find that freelance writing brings them great satisfaction. Even though you aren’t earning a lot of money initially, you quickly learn what works best for you and what doesn’t. Most people end up loving it which leads to the creation of a steady stream of income over time.

Money Savings

If you think about it, working for yourself is probably less expensive overall than going through an employer. After all, you aren’t paying taxes or health insurance premiums. Plus, you can save your entire paycheck each week rather than just part of it.

Less Stress

Not only does being self-employed reduce stress, but it also means you don’t have anyone breathing down your neck telling you what to do. Instead, you are free to decide what projects you want to do based on your passion and interests.

New Friendships
Along with the stress reduction come some amazing friendships. People often surprise you by saying that they enjoy spending more time with you now that you are a freelance writer instead of their boss.


You have complete freedom in how you spend your day. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular among professional writers who enjoy this flexibility.


When you start your own business, you will naturally develop a unique style that defines your brand. That said, being a self-employed person allows you to experiment with many styles and approaches. It’s easy to try something new and see if it works for you.


A major benefit of being self-employed is that you get to define your hours. While this may seem like a luxury at first, once you realize how productive you become when you are doing what you love, you won’t want to go back to the old way of working.


Many people say that their freelance career blossomed after years spent slaving away at boring jobs. They felt unfulfilled so decided to create a

More Time With Your Family

I love this one! Spending time with my husband and children is something I cherish every single day of my life. There isn’t any better feeling in the world than watching your child laugh or hug you for the first time. Or seeing your baby smile and wave at you while chasing his daddy through the living room.


Working for yourself has its perks. Yet, most people still believe that it is not possible (or even desirable). This simply stems from a lack of knowledge regarding the opportunities available. Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to change your mind. visit online casinos today and enjoy online poker.