Horror Novels

Best Horror Novels

Horror novels are some of the best-selling books around. Hence give readers chills and even nightmares. Which ones are your favourite?!

Horror Novels
Horror Novels

 “It” by Stephen King

To add on, this one is often referred to as King’s most disturbing story. In this tale, a group of children become trapped inside Derry after being terrorized by an evil clown who calls himself Pennywise. Many have compared It to Rosemary’s Baby, which isn’t too far off the mark.

 “The Stand” by Stephen King

One of the most famous horror stories ever written! This epic piece follows a man named Randall Flagg as he leads a rebellion against society. On top of that, Flagg must battle with God over the fate of mankind.

�??The Exorcist�?

Probably the best-known horror story of all time! Not only does it feature a great main character, Regan MacNeil, but it’s filled with so much suspense and fear. Therefore, you will truly get scared while reading this one! Moreover, it’s set during the 1960s, which makes it seem more relevant than the majority of other horror tales out there.

“The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill

If you like Jekyll & Hyde, then you might want to pick up this book. Featuring a ghost who walks the earth, scaring the hell out of those she encounters, this one will keep you up at night with its creepiness.

“Christine” by Stephen King

We all know that Christine Chubbuck killed herself live on television—but did you know that’s not the whole story? This novel tells us about her life and how she ended up making such a big deal out of suicide.

“Crimson Peak” by Mark Frost

This gothic horror story takes place in the 1800s and follows two siblings who try to uncover secrets from their deceased parents’ past lives. Not only are there ghosts and ghouls, but also skeletons and mystery.

“You Know Me Al” by Stephen King

This is another short story by the master of horror fiction. Written in 1979, it tells the story of George Nader, who has no memory of his true identity. Therefore, he begins receiving letters signed with the name, “you know me all,” and soon finds himself stalked as well.

“Dreamcatcher” by Stephen King

This is a short story that is part of the Hearts in Atlantis collection. It is about a boy who meets a mysterious girl, who claims to be the reincarnation of his dead mother, who says she knows what dreams mean, even if he doesn’t.

“Under the Dome” by Stephen King

Another tale can be found within the pages of a collection called Hearts in Atlantis. To begin with, a  small town comes under attack from a giant transparent bubble that appears above it. Those inside the bubble wonder if they can escape;  hence some decide to stay; others decide to wait for rescue.

“Firestarter” by Liev Schreiber

This first novel in the young adult series The Darkness Saga is a coming-of-age story that focuses on Charlie Massom, an ordinary teen who discovers that he has special powers after meeting a mysterious man named John, whose power is to see evil. Charlie must learn to control these abilities or face persecution from society.

 “Lazarus Rising” by Richard Matheson

This was the first in a trilogy of books by Matheson. It’s about a woman named Amanda Carpenter who has just been released from prison where she spent 30 years in solitary confinement for killing her husband. Furthermopon release, she learns that her husband wasn’t really dead, and now he wants revenge against her.

 “Darkness Falls” by Dean Koetlicki

This sequel to Dark Waters continues right where the first one left off. The residents of Blytheville have survived the events of the previous book, but when strange occurrences start happening again, it leads them down a path toward discovering more mysteries.

“The Haunting Of Julia Beck” by Shirley Jackson

Lastly, another novel from the master of horror literature, in which we read about a family that moves into a new house, only to discover that spirits are living there already. Hence, they will do anything to get possession of someone again.


In conclusion, horror novels has always been a huge genre of Literature, and one that has had many greats over its lifetime. From Edgar Allen Poe to Stephen King, countless authors have written incredible tales that have become classics. There are fun horror slots out there and some horror novels involve casinos in them. Visit an online casino and play horrific slots.