Interesting Novels that one may read in 2022

Some novels are brilliant, and others are awful. The key question is whether they will move you emotionally or intellectually. That makes them great literature or trashy romance. In this post, are some of the best novels, along with their themes which you can read in 2022. If you want to get into good book habits, these are the books to start with.


“A Quiet Life” by Lidia Yuknavitch (2019)

The novel begins with a woman named Maria who has lived alone for years in a remote part of California. She’s given up on love and relationships after her first husband left her, but she does not know how to live her life without someone else sharing it. When she discovers a man sleeping rough nearby, she invites him back to stay with her. He has no memory of where he comes from, so she calls herself his mother. Gradually, as they spend more time together, we learn more about what happened in his past…and why. It’s an extremely emotional story that manages to be both disturbing and uplifting at the same time. Even if you don’t like sad stories, you should read this one. It’s excellent.

“The Truth About Love” by Lisa Ko (2019)

Ko writes a lot about identity crises in her work, especially among immigrants. Her debut novel tells the story of Kiki, a Chinese American woman living in Los Angeles in 2016. She dates a guy she met online, falls in love with him, moves across the country with him, and starts thinking about having kids. She eventually realizes that she wants to keep things separate from him because he treats her badly. And yet, she still finds herself wanting to give everything up for him. What’s going on? There are some really interesting ideas here about race, gender, class, and power dynamics. Also, it’s a fast-paced, exciting read!

“The Great Fire” by Eleanor Davis (2018)

Davis’ latest novel is set in 1892, but it feels much more modern than the era suggests. The protagonist, Annalise, is sent to live in New York City with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Soon after arriving, she learns that her cousin has died in a fire, and she tries to figure out what happened through conversations with people around her. Some might think of this book as a mystery, but it’s more of a psychological thriller. I love how the author explores relationships between family members. It’s a fascinating look at human nature.

“A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman (2017)

You may recognize the name Fredrick Backman. His previous novels include “My Grandmother Asked Me To Follow You Down Here So That One Day You Would Be Sorry You Ruined My Life.” In this one, he focuses on Ove Andersson, a curmudgeonly man who spends most days watching Swedish movies in front of his TV. His only social contact is his neighbor’s television. He does not like people invading his space, so he always looks down on them. Then he sees a pregnant neighbor, Karin, and he becomes obsessed with being helpful to her and her son. But as he gets closer to them, he begins to realize that maybe their problems aren’t that big compared to his own. A great character study and laugh-out-loud funny!

“Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned” by David Hogg (2016)

In this sequel to his phenomenal “We Are Never Meeting in Real Life”, David Hogg follows up on the lives of characters we’ve already gotten to know. Our favourite couple, Jack and Annie, have moved back home to Montana, and David continues following Marja, an opera singer who seems perfect except for the fact that she never shows up anywhere. Eventually, we learn that she’s suffering from depression, and Ove decides to help her. He does all sorts of things, like buying her expensive clothes and taking her to doctor appointments. The result is hilarious, and you’ll laugh until you cry!


So these are the top novels that you can plan to read in 2022. What do you think? Which ones will be on your list too? Books play a pivotal role in our lives when it comes to relaxing, the same way online casino games do. Go online today and start playing different casino games.