Good Writer

Strategies that makes one a Good Writer

This article outlines some key qualities required to become a good writer. It also provides examples and exercises to help readers improve their writing skills.


Good Writer
Good Writer

To be a Good Writer, Read!

The best way to learn how to write is to read as much as possible from other writers. Study the language of literature – how it’s used, the types of words that are most commonly used etc. You can do this by reading widely in books and magazines or even online sites such as If you have access to an internet cafĂ© then there are many websites with free articles for your reading pleasure.

To be a Good Writer, Write!

This is the most important aspect of becoming a successful writer. When you’re trying to develop your style, it helps to keep a diary or journal where you jot down any thoughts and ideas about what you want to say. It will enable you to see if you’ve got the right structure, word order and vocabulary for your sentences. Another great way to get started on your novel is to start writing short stories rather than long ones. They allow you to experiment with different styles and techniques and practice using your imagination before attempting anything longer. Keep practising until it feels comfortable and natural.

Learn grammar rules, spelling tips and punctuation.

It’s easy to forget to use commas, apostrophes and hyphens but making sure they all appear correctly when published is critical. Check out the websites and which provide useful information about these issues. Remember not only should your work be technically correct, but it must also flow smoothly and make sense.

Self-discipline is essential

There is no doubt that starting as a beginner is difficult, but sticking at it will mean that eventually, you’ll achieve success. Set weekly targets for each piece of writing you plan to complete. Make the time to practice each day – it may take months or years to perfect your style, so patience is vital.

Use dialogue effectively

Dialogue is the lifeblood of any novel and can be either witty or dull depending on what your characters are saying. A good rule of thumb is that the more emotional the subject matter, the funnier the dialogue tends to become. Have a go at writing some dialogue yourself and listen carefully to others who speak in everyday conversation. Try to reproduce those elements in your writing.

Start small and build gradually

Before embarking on a major project such as a full-length novel, I recommend beginning with shorter pieces like short stories, essays, poetry and blog posts. This approach will help you master the basics before going on to tackle longer projects.

Practise frequently

As with most skills, practice makes perfect. I recommend creating a writing schedule whereby you set aside a few hours every day to focus solely on writing. In addition, I suggest getting feedback from friends and other experienced writers to ensure your work is accurate, interesting and engaging.

Listen to music while you write

Many artists use different styles of music to help them write. Some enjoy listening to classical music whilst others prefer rock music. Listening to inspirational songs helps writers relax, soothes their nerves and encourages them to continue working.

Find support from others who share your passion

There are plenty of online forums dedicated to discussing writing and learning more about the craft. Use them to ask questions, receive feedback and build friendships. These people could be fellow authors, editors, teachers, publishers or just ordinary people wanting to pass on helpful advice. There are also specialist groups available for those interested in teaching themselves how to write.

Have fun!

Writing is supposed to be enjoyable because you’re creating something new. Let your imagination run wild as you let your characters speak through your fingertips. If you find that you enjoy writing, it will become easier to stick to it.


So there you have it. All the tips to learn from to become a good writer. Your writing journey begins now. Go forth and prosper! Write different genres, write about romance, war, online casino games and other topics. Visit online casinos today and learn more about them so that when you write about them, you would have all the information.