Romantic novels

Which romantic novels are trending?

Romantic novels cover a wide variety of topics, themes and subgenres. Some books focus on historical events or cultures that take place far away from our modern-day lives. Others center around characters struggling against personal demons. Whatever kind of stories you enjoy reading, there are plenty of options out there.

The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

This book is about Alex who moves to New York City after high school to live with his dad. He meets Jack who becomes his best friend and the two end up falling for each other. However, Alex’s feelings towards Jack cause him trouble since he doesn’t feel comfortable telling Jack about them. The novel explores how Alex deals with this dilemma as well as the complicated emotions that it brings forth.

The Last Time I Saw You by Justin Antony

In this story set during World War II, a young boy named Harry witnesses his father being killed in front of him. This experience has a profound impact on him, causing him to grow distant from his mother. In search of answers, Harry travels back in time where he learns more about what happened between his parents and also finds love.

Love on the Rocks by Rachel Van Dyken

In this contemporary romance novel, we follow a bartender at an Italian restaurant named Dante. His life changes when he starts working with a famous singer named Jasper. They develop a bond over their mutual interest in music and they fall in love. Unfortunately, Jasper ends up marrying someone else, so Dante decides to travel to Italy to win her heart back. There, he gets into some trouble but eventually, things work out in the end.

What Happens When by Tracie Peterson

What happens when your best friend’s dad gets kidnapped? It turns out that they didn’t know anything about it because he was abducted. All they knew is that he left and they haven’t heard from him since. So, they go to Mexico to try to get more information about what happened. Their journey takes them to different places and forces them to make tough decisions along the way.

The Way She Looks by Cara Lockwood

This romantic novels  revolves around the protagonist, Anna, who returns to her hometown for the funeral of her twin brother. While there, she meets Jordan, an ex-boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in years. As the days pass by, Anna realizes that although her relationship with Jordan ended badly, something can be built upon their past experiences.

The Kiss Quotient by Kaira Rouda

Quotients help people decide whether they should kiss someone based on how attractive they think the person is. Charlotte has always been good at this skill, until one day she falls in love with Cooper. Although she’s usually very successful in predicting people’s reactions, Cooper throws her off balance by not wanting to kiss anyone. To clear things up, Cooper kisses Charlotte and tells her he loves her. But, will this change her mind about kissing others?

The Truth About Forever by Jessica Sorensen

The Truth About Forever is a historical fiction novel written by Jessica Sorenson. It tells the story of Lily James, who is sent to America to live with Aunt Bella. At first, everything goes smoothly but when she accidentally kills a man, she flees to avoid getting caught. During her flight, she crosses paths with Will Lexington, a charming rogue. Despite knowing better, they fall for a little boy, she’s forced to flee to London. With only a few dollars in her pocket and no home, she’s determined to figure out where she next belongs.

The Longest Ride by Susan May Pratt

After losing her husband, Katey accepts a job as a ranch hand in Wyoming. Her new boss, Luke, is a cowboy whose family owns the ranch. Throughout the summer, Katey develops feelings for Luke, which she tries to hide. One thing leads to another and before long, she and Luke become engaged. However, they learn that Luke’s family is against the idea of the two becoming together. Because of this, Katey decides to leave Luke behind, even though she knows she’ll never see him again.


A lot of fans consider these romantic novels to be classics. What do you think about the list? Are there any books that aren’t mentioned here? To add on, there are romantic books that feature casino games, go online today and visit an online casino site and start enjoying various casino games.


Romantic novels
Romantic novels